January 2nd

Hi, I’m Dan Jackson, bakery enthusiast on a mission, exploring the USA to bring you news from the American bakery world. I will be searching out the latest in bakery flavours, recipes and ideas from the homeland of Dawn Foods and reporting back.

So here I am and this is my first blog. I flew out of Heathrow, touching down in Toronto before finally landing at Indianapolis International Airport late last night. I am excited to be starting my adventure and what better place to start than somewhere named for my hero, explorer Indiana Jones (or was it the other way around?). I am sure a quick donut will soon revive me.

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana and already I can see that this is a city obsessed with sport and with speed. We’ve all heard of the Indianapolis 500 but I had no idea that the legendary speedway oval is so big that Vatican City would fit inside it. Or that if you lined up all the permanent spectator seats (250,000 of them) the line would reach 99.5 miles!

Sport is a real passion, but food it seems comes a close second for Indianans. The real gem in this area is Indiana Cream Pie (I managed to get hold of a recipe, see below!). Said to have been created in the early 1800s by Quakers, it’s a simple but delicious pie with a crispy pastry base and a superbly smooth creamy filling. The state pie of Indiana and loved by all. Apparently the Governor of Indiana once had a bet with the Governor of Maryland over the Super Bowl results. The prize? A Sugar Cream Pie and St Elmo’s shrimp cocktail.

I am now on the trail of some really interesting flavour combinations and I will update my blog every couple of weeks, so check back regularly for more news and views from across the pond!

Indiana Cream Pie – The first recipe to go in my scrapbook.
For how to make it yourself click here