Entries by Dr. Morgaine Gaye


Ways in which humanity struggles to ­find what is real, good and balanced will be expressed in the imperfection trends. The need to embrace the less than perfect will rise up.


Tens of millions of people still live with their very attentive parents, these young adults are in their mid-twenties, don’t like making mistakes and have high expectations of both themselves and others.


Added benefits are one of the most powerful USPs giving value to existing products. From living longer to sleeping deeper and performing better, health is quantified and data driven.


An increase in new sci-fi driven visuals, explorations on Mars and space flights to the moon reinvigorate notions of getting off the earth. Space food, space travel and space clothing point towards the desire for a new future and a sense of ‘cool futurism.


Tough economic times have given rise to a new way of thinking and behaving. The continuing challenges of unexpected weather conditions, global energy concerns, extreme political groups, asylum seekers and shifts in geo-political power all contribute to a new sense of survival and a need for us to manage in difficult times.


The focus is on mouthfeel, imprinted foods, embossed coatings and multiple textures in one. New surface textures and ways to create texture, in and on food, will start to be more commonplace with extruding and food ink printing onto edibles. Consumers want fun ways to personalise their edible creations.


With the need to preserve foods and preserve ourselves, fortication comes to the attention of the population more this year. As a way to preserve and fortify food, fermentation has been used in many cultures for increasing the beneficial bacteria and nutrients in foods such as vegetables, alcohol, milk products and vinegar, for centurie

Specialty Diets

Valentine’s Day is a time for indulgence, sweet treats and rewarding that special someone. Make some delicious cakes and bakes that are going to leave a lasting impression, or an irresistible limited edition product range for impulse purchase temptation.