Dawn Foods and UCB Student Ambassador Laura Turn Revival Recipe Ideas into Reality

University College Birmingham (UCB) student Laura Gibbons finalised three classic recipe re-inventions with Dawn Foods Head Application Chef Robin Loud when he recently visited UCB.

Popular Salted Caramel Flavour Joins Dawn Foods’ Range of Fonds

The on-trend flavour of salted caramel is now available as part of Dawn Foods’ wide range of Fonds; cream stabilisers that are ideal for a variety of dessert applications.


The focus is on mouthfeel, imprinted foods, embossed coatings and multiple textures in one. New surface textures and ways to create texture, in and on food, will start to be more commonplace with extruding and food ink printing onto edibles. Consumers want fun ways to personalise their edible creations.

Dawn Launches Improved Classic American Bases & Mixes

Dawn Foods has reformulated and improved its range of classic American Bakery mixes and bases for muffins, cookies, crème cake and carrot cake.

Dawn’s Easter Recipe Inspiration

Easter is “hopping” up on us, so make sure you are in plentiful supply of seasonal sweets and treats. Customers will be after pastel coloured and indulgent bakes creatively decorated for this occasion.

Dawn sprinkles prizes on bakers in new product promotion

Dawn Foods has launched a major product promotion across some of its top products which will give hundreds of high street bakers the chance to win thousands of prizes ranging from a donut fryer worth nearly £4,000 through to TVs, laptops and cameras as well as hundreds of bakery utensils.


With the need to preserve foods and preserve ourselves, fortication comes to the attention of the population more this year. As a way to preserve and fortify food, fermentation has been used in many cultures for increasing the beneficial bacteria and nutrients in foods such as vegetables, alcohol, milk products and vinegar, for centurie

A Taste of the Exotic with Dawn’s New Natural Flavour Coconut Compound

The new Coconut Compound joins Dawn’s other flavours in the range including pistachio, pomegranate, lemon, mango, passionfruit, blueberry, cocoa, caramel and many others. Made with real coconut pulp and coconut cream, the Compound is free from preservatives for a cleaner taste.

Go Coconuts For Dawn’s New Range

In response to growing demand for the on-trend flavour of coconut, Dawn Foods has launched a seasonal range of finished and part finished coconut bakery products including a baked cookie, a cookie puck, a filled ring donut and a tulip muffin.

Specialty Diets

Valentine’s Day is a time for indulgence, sweet treats and rewarding that special someone. Make some delicious cakes and bakes that are going to leave a lasting impression, or an irresistible limited edition product range for impulse purchase temptation.