Go Coconuts For Dawn’s New Range

In response to growing demand for the on-trend flavour of coconut, Dawn Foods has launched a seasonal range of finished and part finished coconut bakery products including a baked cookie, a cookie puck, a filled ring donut and a tulip muffin.

Specialty Diets

Valentine’s Day is a time for indulgence, sweet treats and rewarding that special someone. Make some delicious cakes and bakes that are going to leave a lasting impression, or an irresistible limited edition product range for impulse purchase temptation.

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Valentine’s Day is a time for indulgence, sweet treats and rewarding that special someone. Make some delicious cakes and bakes that are going to leave a lasting impression, or an irresistible limited edition product range for impulse purchase temptation.

Student Ambassador Laura Gets Dawn to Business with Recipe Re-Inventions

University College Birmingham (UCB) student Laura Gibbons got hands on with Dawn’s extensive range of ingredients during her second visit to Dawn Foods Evesham factory, with a view to using them in the revival of classic recipe

The Dawn of a New Age with Student Ambassador Laura!

As part of its commitment to nurturing a new generation of young bakers, Dawn Foods has partnered with University College Birmingham (UCB), and appointed Laura Gibbons – a final year Bakery and Patisserie undergraduate at the university – as the company’s first Student Ambassador.

Christmas Recipes

Christmas is the season to be jolly and to indulge in a variety of deliciously decorated sweet bakery treats, with luscious fillings and festive inclusions. Dawn can help you bring joy to your customers’ with delectable flavours that will entice them to come back for more! Get inspiration from our recipes and be ready this Christmas with Dawn Foods:

Winner of the weekend to Christmas Markets

Dawn Foods’s fantastic Prize draw, part of our 2016 American Bakery Campaign, offered the chance to win a weekend (for two) for one lucky baker.

The weekend break to Germany’s Christmas Markets was won by Mr. Clarence Hayden from Tiptree Patisserie.

The fabulous prize gives the winner the opportunity to visit the iconic Christmas Markets in Germany. The origin of the markets dates back to the 15th century in Dresden where they were, in medieval times, a place of gathering and convenience – a place to buy food and presents for loved ones.

Today, the Christmas Markets in each region also have their own unique traditions. They attract visitors who partake in the foodie festivities, listen to Christmas songs, and maybe buy a present or two, to tick a couple of names on the Santa list.

Congratulations to Clarence and we hope you enjoy your trip!

We would like to thank all the bakers that entered our prize draw. However, don’t get discouraged, as Dawn Foods has another prize that you have a chance to win for Christmas. See the competition page for more information:
Christmas hamper

Dawn Goes for Perfect Finish with NEW Glazes

Dawn Foods has added a new premium range, Decorgel Plus, to its extensive collection of cold process glazes. They are also expanding their existing Decorgel range, with the addition of new flavours and pack sizes. Both Decorgel Plus and Decorgel give an expert, shiny glaze to fine pastry and bakery products.

Ready to use, the new premium Decorgel Plus range can be applied hot or cold and gives a professional shine to bakery items. Unlike many other products in the marketplace Decorgel Plus is stable enough for use on domed and vertical surfaces without the addition of stabilisers. By warming to 40-45°C to acheive extra stability, pastry chef and bakers can use Decorgel Plus to create eye-catching patisserie-style sweet treats.

Available in all natural flavoured Caramel and Chocolate, Decorgel Plus also comes in Neutral, ideal for using with Dawn’s all natural flavour Compounds pastes to create really eye catching finishes. There’s even Decorgel Plus Glamour Silver for a stunning glitter finish to all kinds of sweet treats from donuts to high end patisserie.  The metallic glamour trend is set to be big in 2016 and beyond according to Dawn’s Food Futurologist Consultant, Dr Morgaine Gaye: “Metallics will be used to adorn, wrap and coat food, while gold and silver leaf will be added to liquids, baked goods and used as a decoration of sweet treats”, she predicts.

Decorgel is a ready to use mirror glaze that produces an appealing shine and finish when applied as a decoration to fine bakery products. The glaze requires no heating or dilution and is available in a range of all natural flavours including Caramel, UTZ certified Cocoa, and new flavours Kiwi, Passion Fruit and Raspberry. Decorgel Neutral makes a great base too for Dawn Compounds to add some ‘buy me’ attraction to bakes.

Decorgel Plus is available in 3kg tubs , with a special 3.15kg tin for the Glamour Silver glaze. Decorgel is available in 3kg and 7kg tubs with larger sizes of Neutral available to order.


Dawn Foods, originators of the first donut mix in 1920s Michigan, USA and one of the best known names in donut mixes, bases and concentrates has used its expertise to launch a new range of ready to serve premium donuts…each hiding a delicious secret!

Made with Dawn’s own high quality mix, the donuts have a light fluffy texture, an eye-catchingly rich and appetising topping, then a delicious ‘end to end’ filling to give a satisfying eat. There are five different varieties to choose from:

  • Strawberry Sprinkle – filled with strawberry jam, and coated in strawberry icing and multi coloured sprinkles
  • Chocca-Nut – featuring a hazelnut topping, sprinkled with chopped nuts, and a delicious smooth hazelnut sauce inside
  • Cinn-Apple with crunchy cinnamon sugar and a fruity apple filling
  • Triple-Choc with a creamy chocolate sauce filling and cocoa topping with sprinkles
  • Caramel-Lace – coated in vanilla icing and caramel sauce, with a gooey caramel surprise inside.


The new range taps into the growing trend for ‘premiumisaton’ in sweet bakery, with interesting finishes, textures and flavour combinations providing ‘added value’. Texture is a key part of this and is set to be a big trend in 2016 according to Dawn’s Food Futurologist Consultant, Dr Morgaine Gaye who says: “The focus is on mouthfeel, imprinted foods, embossed coatings and multiple textures in one. New surface textures and ways to create texture, in and on food, will start to be more commonplace.”

Supplied frozen, Dawn’s Premium Donuts are available in packs of three trays of 12 and thaw in approximately 60 minutes for ease.

Jacqui Passmore Marketing Manager at Dawn Foods UK and Ireland comments:

“Donuts have long been a bakery staple and are a growing category in coffee shops and food to go outlets. Coffee shops in particular are a huge growth area across Europe with five leading countries showing a massive 124% increase in donuts served in outlets 2014 v 2013*. Today’s consumers are demanding more indulgence, more textual combinations and more product satisfaction, with younger consumers especially attracted to impulse purchase by colourful products and displays.

“Dawn Foods’ new Premium Donuts will help both bakers and foodservice operators across all sectors to capitalise on this trend. With ever popular chocolate, chocolate nut, fresh fruity flavours and classic caramel, there is something to tempt every type of consumer.”

Dawn’s new Premium Donuts range complement their existing Classic Donut range of plain, sugared, glazed and chocolate coated ring donuts, available in a variety of sizes. These are delicious served just as they are, or for those feeling creative, they can be decorated with Dawn’s range of frostings, icings and fillings to create unique, signature bakes.


Dawn foods introduces popular pistachio to fonds range

The on-trend flavour of pistachio is now available as part of the Dawn Foods range of Fonds; cream stabilisers perfect for a variety of dessert applications.

Made with all-natural flavours, the new Pistachio Fond stabilises, colours and flavours lightly whipped dairy or non-dairy cream to create a set mousse in minutes. Bakers simply need to mix 200g Dawn® Pistachio Fond with 200g water (at 20°C) and gradually fold in 1000g whipped fresh cream. The versatile mousse can be used in many applications from topping cupcakes and muffins, layering in gateaux and cheesecakes, filling sponges and choux pastry, topping tarts and sandwiching puff pastry.

With it’s all year round seasonality, pistachio flavour adds value and appeal to sweet bakery ranges, with the new Dawn Fond featuring real pieces of pistachio for added texture and a delicious, authentic finish. Popular flavour combinations for bakers and chefs to try include pistachio paired with zingy lime and lemon, sharp cranberry, raspberry, creamy chocolate, elderflower or fragrant rosewater.

Dawn Foods also offers many other Fonds in its range, all of which have been reformulated to meet consumer demand for more natural products.  These include fruits of the forest, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, peach & passion fruit, white chocolate, cappuccino, ruby orange and a neutral base for flavour addition.

The Fonds are all now quicker to dissolve with a harmonised yield across all products, helping to reduce the time required to create complex patisserie and gourmet desserts and they are also freeze-thaw stable.

Dawn® Pistachio Fond is available in 5 x 1kg boxes and other flavour options are available in 2 x 2.5kg and 20kg.

Try our new recipe idea for Pistachio Puff Pastry Slices below:

  • Take 500g puff pastry, sheet out at 2-3mm and cut into two 60 x 10cm strips.
  • Leave to rest for 1 hour, then bake in a deck oven 220°C for 20-30 minutes and leave to cool.
  • Mix together 300g Dawn® SuCrem Nova Plus and 1000g water with a whisk for 1 minute on slow speed and then 3-4 minutes on fast speed to make a custard filling.
  • Mix together 200g Dawn® Pistachio Fond and 200g water then add 500g of the custard filling.
  • Fold in 500g whipped fresh cream to make a pistachio cream. Spread the pistachio cream thickly over one layer of puff pastry and then top this with the other layer.
  • Heat Dawn® Vanilla Glossy Icing to 40°C and mix this with some Dawn® Pistachio Fond. Dilute with water to glaze the top layer of the puff pastry slices.
  • Decorate with ground pistachio and portion as desired.